Colds and Flu – Homeopathy and Phytoncides to the Rescue!

Ahh-choooooooo! Yep, the season for colds and flu has arrived. But, how do we best keep ourselves healthy? Most of these illnesses are viral, so antibiotics are likely not the way to go – and the efficacy of flu vaccines is questionable.

So, what can we do to stay healthy, and recover faster if we do fall ill? Let’s start with some basics. Continue reading


The Benefits of Fevers

Imagine this: You feel sick. Your body temperature rises to 38-39 degree C. Your terrible headache and aching muscles come with a raw throat and blocked nose. Your hand is blindly groping for the nearest Tylenol®. If it is your child who is sick, you immediately give them the fever reducing drug. Fevers can be serious business, especially as it indicates the presence of an invader – but do you need to reach for the fever reducing medicine immediately? Continue reading