Welcome to Homeopathica!

Hello! Welcome to my blog about holistic treatments, especially homeopathy, which I find are the most effective way toward the restoration of health.

Why might you be interested in following my blog specifically? My traditional European Medical Education included all the training that medical doctors in North America receive and more. Since then, I have enhanced my practice with advanced learning and teaching in both standard medicine and homeopathy. You can read more about my credentials here.

As a practitioner I hold fast to the seven fundamental principles of medicine. Here they are as adapted from the Hippocratic Corpus by Andre Saine of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy.

The Seven Fundamental Principles of Medicine

  1. Sapere aude : The physician must dare to know and become a true scientist and philosopher. Constant inquiry is the way to knowledge.
  2. Praeventum: Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, the highest mission of the physician is to guide people to follow a lifestyle that is conducive to good health.
  3. Primum non nocere: Firstly, physicians do no harm. In spite of the best prevention, people will be affected by numerous influences and will fall sick. Any diagnostic or therapeutic intervention by the physician should not further harm the patient.
  4. Tolle causatum: Remove the cause. There are causes of sickness, and above all the physician will address them.
  5. Vis medicatrix nature: The healing power of nature. It is neither the physician nor the treatment that heals: only the living organism heals. Therefore, the physician must seek to encourage this innate process by first making sure that the conditions of health are met and, if necessary, by using the help of the various outer forces and influences of nature to enhance the recovery of health.
  6. Nunquam pars pro toto: Never the part but always the whole: the physician considers the patient as a unique indivisible whole and therefore takes into consideration the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, genetic and environmental aspects of each individual.
  7. Cito, lenis, jucunde ,toto, durabile, certo, simplex et tuto curare: The highest ideal of therapy is the rapid, gentle, pleasant, complete and permanent restoration of health in the surest, simplest and least harmful way.

I hope you find Homeopathica interesting. If you have a comment about this blog or questions you would like answered in future posts please leave a comment below. If you would like to seek care, please contact me.


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